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A confusing read

Eyewitness by Rebecca Forster

To be honest I struggled to get into this book.  There were a few times I almost gave up.  It was the frustration of not knowing what was going on that got me, it was like I was reading two different books.  I'm pleased I persisted as once I found out what was going on it all sort of made sense in a way and when I eventually got hooked I had to read to the end to find out how everything turned out.  However, I don't think the technique of writing two different stories in alternate chapters quite worked.  The stories were so different, not even taking place in the same country or the same era, and until they eventually merged and overlapped, it was just too confusing.  The neatly wrapped up ending was also a little unsatisfying, as if it was written just to set up a sequel.  All in all it was an okay read, but nothing to do a happy dance about.

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This says it all for me!

Taking a while to get into this book.

I'm busy reading Eyewitness by Rebecca Forster.  It took me a while to get hooked as for many pages I had no clue what was going on.  It kept jumping between a flashback chapter which seemed to be a different story that had nothing to do with the current story - different characters, different country even.  I felt like I was reading two different books at the same time.  But last night the two stories merged and now I am hooked!  Hopefully will finish it today!